A Plate Full Of Indian Food.


When we talk about India, the first thing that comes to our mind is the diversity that India possesses in almost every aspect. From the diverse cultures, to every form of religion, Incredible India is paralleled by none. Another thing which makes it stand apart from others, is the infinite variety in terms of food. Every part of India has its own special food. This just adds to the overall charm and makes the experience even more unforgettable for every avid traveler.

The regional food items are derived from the local cultures, traditions and the popular ingredients in the region. The dishes, like every other characteristic, define why India truly is the abode of variety. So when one is travelling to various parts of India, trying the local specialty of food is an absolute must. While we are on the topic of regional dishes, here is a list of the most famous cuisines from all over India. Almost all of these are sure to make the foodie within you jump with excitement and anticipation.

North Indian Cuisine

Comprising of one of the tastiest collection of food, is the North Indian Cuisine. It includes food from the regions of Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The dishes here have many characteristic ingredients like rice, dairy products, meat, wheat and fruits. A strong influence of Mughal culture is also found in a lot of areas, with dishes like Biryani and Kebabs being a real favourite with the people. With flavour to savour, the food of this region is bound to make you feel as though you are in heaven.

Trademark Dishes – Wazwan (Jammu & Kashmir), Tandoori Chicken (Punjab), Mutton Kebabs (Uttar Pradesh) and Paranthas (Delhi).

(Sea Food)

Oh well! How could this have been avoided from the list. With lush beaches and sea water, delicious sea food is but a necessity. Hence, it is no wonder that Goan cuisine is right there with the best where sea food is concerned. Having a great deal of influence from foreign cultures of Spain and Portugal, the food here is mind blowing. The main ingredients apart from all kinds of sea food meat are rice, coconut and the fruit of kokum (a fruit bearing tree). Also, bread is very commonly consumed as a side-dish with almost all meals.

There are several other indian cuisines which are popular among foodies are: South Indian Cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, Punjabi , bengali. Above all indian chat serve own different styles in different regions in india. Popular ones are: pain puri, bombay chaat, pakora etc.

Mouth watering already? Well, I am sure it is. All of the above cuisines are definitely worth a try. The unique flavours of each of these, are sure to leave you craving for more. Bon Appetite!

While you ready yourself to eat the delicious dishes, the biggest dilemma is, which one of these will you taste first?

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